Occasionally things happen around these parts that give us something to talk about. When that occurs, you can usually get the scoop right here.

Power's on and the so are the games and races! Come on up and catch the game on in the bar, have a visit with some friends, or shoot a little pool. And while you're at it, help us celebrate this monumental achievement of full time power based solely on hydropower and solar. It's really pretty cool...

We urge you to drive slowly and make sure that your vehicle is well-maintained before starting out on the Middle Fork road. There are no services along the way and you'll need to either be prepared, or be prepared to wait. The road can be rough condition in places.

So come on up and see us, it's always more fun with company and we love to see people having fun!

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for important details and what you need to know before visiting Twin Springs.