Our Future

We have several projects going at Twin Springs at any given time. Currently we are continuing a major landscaping effort, as well as celebrating our success providing full time power! The water wheel is now a nice piece of art and our power is delivered through a high-tech system that converts water pressure to electricity and stores the excess in batteries for the heavy use times.This project took many years and will continue to be improved upon to provide a constant power source that is completely ecologically friendly.

Our intention is to participate in projects wherever possible that help us understand nature and preserve our resources. Whether it be fish, fowl, or the geological bounty of this place, we are blessed with Twin Springs and act as good stewards of the land. Other projects of note include a new trail system in the hills above us for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing, the completion of our cold storage cave, and the final cleanup and restoration of the greenhouses. For those of you who are curious about how this new power system works, check the Hydropower page for the links to Scott's PDF diagrams. You wouldn't expect anything less from an architect, now would you?